Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday.
We are singing at the Remembrance Sunday service, this coming weekend (11th Nov).  We need to meet at the side of the Town Hall (next to the Barnsley College building on Sadler Gate) at 10am.
I would suggest parking at the Court House Car Park again on County Way, but please be aware that road closures will be taking place from 9:30 so you may only be able to access is from Old Mill Lane, please allow yourself time to navigate around town with diversions in place.
We would like you to wear smart black clothes with a splash of red (as we would for concerts), but please wear layers and a dark coloured coat as it will be cold – if women have smart black trousers it may be better to wear them instead of skirts, but if you prefer a skirt then thick black tights (not red ones please) will be needed too.  I think I will wear some black boots and 2 pairs of socks!!
Scarves are a good idea if you have a black or red one, and also gloves, but please no hats (I know they are sensible in cold weather, but they will cover people’s faces, so we prefer you not to wear them)
We will be issued with new poppies so please don’t arrive with one.
Please be prepared to be standing around and on your feet until 12 noon!