Crisis Christmas Concert

Time to show more members of the Barnsley Community what we’re about – singing with fun, passion and community spirit.  We’ll be there to support the charity Crisis and their little choir of singers who are using music on their road to getting their lives back on track.  Please come if you can – this is what the word ‘Community’ means in our title.
Hope House Church
17:30 – 20:30
Concert dress please
Note about Parking:  Morrisons have a lovely big car park across the road from Hope House Church, BUT…it is restricted parking for up to 2 hours (this is quite a new development) and the company who has taken over the parking system have installed number plate recognition cameras and will fine people who stay longer than 2 hours.  Please try and find somewhere else to park as we will be at the Church longer than 2 hours when we include our warm up rehearsal which starts at 17:30